10 Indian Food Bloggers Who Are Redefining Digital World

10 Indian Food Bloggers

Energizing road nourishment challenges, proficient cooking formulas, sound snacking tips, and whatnot? Beat nourishment bloggers in India share all their information and involvement to assist their watchers in making quality nourishment inside the consolation of their kitchens! Well, it’s not fair that with exciting formulas, practical, healthy binging thoughts, and audits on cuisines from eateries, nourishment influencers, and chef influencers have begun making a check on the social media world.

Many beauty and nourishment bloggers in India have a huge following, making them go-to influencers for anyone seeking nourishment inspiration. If you’re a brand looking to make an impact in the nourishment market, consider using these top influencers in India, some of whom are included in Forbes’ list of top 100 digital creators in 2024.

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Top Food Digital Creators And Bloggers Of India


Dassana food blogger

Dassana ‘veg recipes of india’ in February 2009 to have a web diary of her family formulas, formulas she was prepared in, and the ones she came up with. She graduated with a degree in domestic science and knew both Indian and universal cuisines.

‘Dassana’s Veg Recipes’ may be a web journal that’s exclusively devoted to posting substance on vegan formulas. Most of the formulas she offers are Indian. In any case, a few are worldwide as well.

Dassana’s veg formulas are attempted and tried at domestic. Moreover, she does not acknowledge any advancement in her web journal. ‘Eat vigorously and remain sound is the proverb she takes after wholeheartedly. 

Blogs –  Veg Recipes of India 

Started in –  2009 

Monthly Blog Traffic –  4.2M 

Archana Doshi

Archana Doshi food blogger

Archana Doshi began her web journal in 2007 with the dream of engaging individuals with easy cooking. She accepts well-being dwells at the supper table and in this way advances solid nourishment propensities. Her web journal ‘Archana’s Kitchen’ gives formulas that perusers can take after effectively and cook themselves.

‘Archana’s Kitchen’ contains common formulas, preparing formulas, supper arrange and lunchbox thoughts, formula collection, and articles and challenges.

Archana herself was the motivation behind the primary Google Chrome Notice on Indian Tv. She was too included by YourStory as the ‘Cooking Queen’ on the cover page of Mint Relax. 

Blogs – Archana’s Kitchen 

Started in – 2007

Monthly Blog Traffic – 620k 

Malika Basu

Malika Basu food blogger

Malika Basu hails from Kolkata and is presently living in Britain. She has instructed herself to cook while seeking after her master’s in news coverage. Nowadays, she may be a nourishment and industry commentator, nourishment business visionary, cookbook creator, and communication expert on nourishment, drink, and goals.

On her web journal ”, she gives formulas for drinks, rice, angels, veggie lovers, and rice. Moreover, you can find data on flavorsflavoursbtle elements of her book in her web journal. 

Blogs – Mallika Basu

Started in – 2006

Monthly Blog Traffic – 1.6k


Monica food bloger

Monica could be a chef, a nourishment moderator, and the author of the Spice Club, an Indian cookery school in the UK. She has been educating Indian cooking for the past ten a long time. To require her classes, there’s a 6-month holding up list. She can be seen on Amazon Prime TV arrangements as well.

‘The Zest Diary’ contains her online cooking classes and data on the Zest Club school. She also reacts to questions about cooking in her web journal.

Blogs – Spice Diary 

Started in – 2008

Monthly Blog Traffic – 267 

Rajeshwari Vijayananda

Rajeshwari Vijayananda food blogger

Rajeshwari was born in Chennai but presently lives in Singapore with her family. She has been blogging for the past 14 years and credits her cooking aptitudes to her Mother-in-law. As it was attempted and tried, Rajeswari posted formulas. She may be a vegan; consequently, you may have discovered vegan formulas, such as eggless formulas, in her web journal.

In ‘Raks Kitchen’, you’ll discover all Indian formulas and lunch thoughts. She significantly advances South Indian formulas. Her formulas are clarified in a step-by-step strategy as recommended by her companion.

Blogs – Racks Kitchen 

Started in – 2007

Monthly Blog Traffic – 159k 

Aarthi Satheesh

Aarthi Satheesh food blogger

Aarthi Satheesh began by cooking nourishment for her companions at work. She thought of starting a web journal when they inquired about her formulas. In this way, Aarti cleared out her investigative work to seek after her energy.

Nowadays, she may be a blogger, YouTube formula maker, and photographer. Moreover, she was Shoshone in MasterChef Tamil Season 1 and got a letter from Sonu Sood for being the finest business visionary in Tamil Nadu.

‘Yummy Tummy’ contains web journal articles on her voyages, MasterChef travel, and a formula list for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and supper.

Blogs –  Yummy Tummy Arthi  

Started in – 2012

Monthly Blog Traffic – 467k 

Vegan Richa

Vegan Richa food blogger

Richa lives in Seattle and is a program engineer. After her surgery (Craniotomy), she had vertigo and balance issues. Hence, she stopped her work and began blogging.

‘Vegan Richa’ contains formulas, cookbooks, recordings, and assets to assist you in cooking your top choice supper. As she could be a vegetarian, her web journal centers on vegetarian formulas.

Blogs – Vegan Richa 

Started in – 2009

Monthly Blog Traffic – 123k

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Shivesh Bhatia

Shivesh Bhatia food blogger

The primary thing that Shivesh Bhatia heated was a glass of vanilla cookies. Although they were burnt, he had delighted in the method. From there, he started his passion for heating. He created an Instagram account and, in 2014, began to compose blogs.

In 2017, ‘Bake with Shivesh’ won the finest dessert web journal grant by Superior Homes and Gardens. He moreover won the Display Magazine nourishment influencer grant in 2022.

His book ‘Bake with Shivesh’ is an Amazon Blockbuster. ‘Bake with Shivesh’ incorporates a recipe index for an assortment of sweets. You’ll discover everything from cakes, biscuits, toast, and smoothies to the formula for Gulab Jamun.

Blogs – Bake with Shivesh 

Started in – 2014

Monthly Blog Traffic – 104k 

Nandita Saffron

Nandita Saffron food blogger

Nandita Saffron was a strategic planner in healthcare promotion. She stopped her work to learn approximately nourishment and found her calling as a blogger afterward. She is also the creator of Regular Solid Vegan. At the show, she is living in Bangalore.

‘Saffron Trail’ is a vegan web journal. You can discover healthy vegetarian formulas, breakfast formulas, nourishment tips, and formulas for serving mixed greens.

Blogs – Saffron Trail

Started in – 2006

Monthly Blog Traffic – 14.4k 

Richa Gupta

Richa Gupta food blogger

Richa comes from a family of nourishing significant others. The standard discussions around the following feast made her a foodie. This later inspired her to begin her web journal. With ‘my food story,’ she needs to share her nourishment stories.

At ‘My Food Story,’ you can discover an assortment of veggie lover and non-vegetarian recipes. You’ll find formulas for quick and simple suppers. This is for those who are interested in knowing about unused wellness patterns. 

Blogs – My Food Story

Started in – 2015

Monthly Blog Traffic – 239k


The emergence of top food digital creators in India has revolutionized the culinary landscape, creating a vibrant and dynamic online community centered around food. These creators have leveraged digital platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and blogs to showcase their culinary talents, share recipes, and engage with millions of food enthusiasts nationwide.

With innovative content, authentic storytelling, and creative flair, India’s top food digital creators have entertained audiences and inspired them to explore new cuisines, cooking techniques, and flavor combinations. They have played a pivotal role in promoting culinary diversity, celebrating regional cuisines, and preserving traditional recipes, thus enriching the nation’s culinary heritage.

FAQs of top food digital creators in India:

These creators primarily use platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and blogs or websites to share recipes, cooking tutorials, and food-related content.

These creators produce a wide range of content, including recipe videos, cooking tutorials, food photography, food styling tips, culinary travel vlogs, and product reviews.

Recipes from these creators can be found on their respective YouTube channels, Instagram profiles, blogs, and websites. Many of them also publish cookbooks featuring their signature recipes.

Yes, many of the recipes provided by these creators are beginner-friendly and include step-by-step instructions, tips, and techniques to help novice cooks recreate the dishes at home.

Yes, these creators offer a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes to cater to diverse dietary preferences and culinary tastes.

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